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Defining and Measuring Quality Journalism, by Stephen Lacy (Michigan State University) and Tom Rosenstiel (American Press Institute)

Quality Journalism: The Urgent Need for Journalists Have for Life Long Learning and Continuing Education in the Digital Age by Jerome Aumente
Defining and Measuring Quality Journalism Title PageDiversity 2.0: A Framework for Audience Participation in Assessing Media Systems
by Minna Aslama Horowitz and Philip M. Napoli. Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture, 5(3), 309-326 (2014).

Social Media and the Public Interest: Governance of News Platforms in the Realm of Individual and Algorithmic Gatekeepers by Philip M. Napoli (Working Paper, 2014). 2015 Published version in Telecommunications Policy can be found here.

The Emerging Mobile Internet Underclass: A Critique of Mobile Internet Access by Philip M. Napoli & Jonathan Obar. The Information Society, 30, pp. 323-334 (2014).

Measuring Media Impact: An Overview of the Field — Report Prepared for the Norman Lear Center’s Media Impact Project, by Philip M. Napoli (2014).

The Mobile Conversion, Internet Regression, and the “Re-Passification” of the Media Audience, by Philip M. Napoli & Jonathan Obar (forthcoming book chapter).

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