Behavioral Informatics Lab

Behavioral Informatics Lab looks at multiple problems at the intersection of Big Data Analytics, Computational Social Science, and Multimedia Information Systems. The field of Behavioral Informatics focuses on  sensing, understanding, and shaping human behavior in a data-driven manner.  To meet this research goal, the lab is actively engaged in efforts to:

(a) design and develop data-driven methodologies to model complex human behavior.

(b) conducting experiments to identify novel intervention mechanisms that shape human behavior.

(c) catalyze research and innovation in the domains of clinical health and wellness, sociology, economics, communication studies and  psychology through the use of emerging computational devices, tools, and methodologies.


Computational Social Science, Data Science, Data Analytics, Behavioral Analytics, Behavioral Informatics, Social Computing, Social Media Analysis, Network Science.

Active Projects

1) The Rutgers Well-being Study where detailed personal data about user behavior, social interactions, and mobility are being used to predict their health status, emotions, and well-being.

2) Detecting and preventing cyberbullying in online environments.

3) Privacy of personal data in online and physical environments, where we study the newer problems brought to fore by large-scale human data collection and ways to mitigate them. 

4) Sensor-Based Understanding of Information Seeking Behavior, where detailed personal data (e.g. phone, Fitbit data) are being used to understand user’s information-seeking behavior.

Join Us

We are looking for self-driven ambitious students to join our research group. Funding is available for students with the right profile. Please email Prof. Singh at for more information.

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Alumni/Past contributors


Teis Kristensen, PhD student
Padmapriya Subramanian, MBS
Ariana Blake, B.S. (ITI)
Suril Dalal,B.S. (ITI)
Sneha Dasari, B.S. (ITI)
Saket Hegde, MS (ECE) (Credit Suisse)
Justin Hernandez, B.S. (ITI) (NuProp Investments LLC)