Ph.D. Thesis:
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Journals/ Book Chapters:Under Submission (2)
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Authored and Edited Books: (2)
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Conferences: (16)
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Oct 2019: Vivek Singh to participate in a panel on Ethics and the future of AI.

July 2019: Vivek Singh joins the editorial board of Multimedia Systems journal.

June 2019: Grateful for the NSF funding on reducing bias in information algorithms.

Oct/Nov 2018: Group members are excited to present work at ASIS&T AM (a,b,c) and ACM CSCW (a,b).

Sep 2018: Recent publications presented/accepted: CSCW 2018 ; IEEE Trans. Big Data; Online Information Review; J. Comp. Soc. Sci.

Mar 2018: Recent publications presented/accepted: CHI 2018; ACM UbiComp/IMWUT 2018; PLOSONE

Sep 2017: Recent publications presented/accepted: CHI 2017 (a,b); ICWSM 2017; ACM MM 2017; IEEE Trans. Intell. Syst. & Tech.CSCW 2018.

Sep 2016: Congratulations to the Behavioral Informatics Lab members on a very productive summer. Five conference publications accepted/presented (UbiComp’16 (a, b); ASONAM’16; SBP’16; and CSCW’17).

Mar 2016: Excited about the forthcoming book Situation Recognition Using EventShop (Authors: Vivek Singh and Ramesh Jain). Published by Springer, available: June 2016. Email me for a preview copy.

Mar 2016: Grateful to Google Research for funding our research project on Sensor-based understanding of information seeking behavior. Details.

May 2015: Intrigued to find the US Court of Appeals cite our recent Science paper in it’s judgement (page 9) on the NSA case.

Mar 2015: Grateful to National Science Foundation for funding our research project on cyberbullying detection. Daily Targum report.

Feb 2015: Our study on uniqueness of credit card spending data came out in Science magazine. Media coverage includes New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Nature News, Harvard Business Review , and The Telegraph.