If using Software Anywhere for the first time, please read the “Installing Software Anywhere client (Windows)” document first as it has important information in it to help you get set up!

  1. Go to the Software Anywhere website at http://sa.comminfo.rutgers.edu/.login
    1. You should see a log in screen as shown above.  But, if you instead see a message about installing a client, please first see “Installing Software Anywhere client (Windows)” to address this issue, then come back to this step.
  2. Log in with your SC&I Network Account.
    1. If you do not know what your SC&I Network Account is, please see “About Your SC&I Network Account“.icons
  3. You should now see a screen with a number of icons on it for your applications.  To use any application, click once on the icon.
  4. On many browsers this may download a file instead of opening the application.  If this happens, simple open and run the file, and the application will then open afterwards.
  5. A progress bar window should appear.
    1. Please be patient while the application loads!  Since the application is hosted in the cloud at SC&I it will take some time to connect and start up.
  6. [Optional] Printing: If you see a screen for “USB Access”, this allows you to print to printers attached to your computer.  We recommend you follow these steps to always allow printing.usbaccess
    1. Check the box for “Do not ask me again for this site”
    2. Then click “Permit Use”
  7. Use your application
    2. See “How do I open and save files using Software Anywhere? (Windows)
  8. When you are finished, simply close your application.

This did not work for me… help!

Occasionally the usual process does not go as expected for everyone–we have some steps below that may help.  You may also contact the SC&I IT Services Helpdesk for assistance at any time.

  1. If you get an error message when trying to go to the site, contact the SC&I IT Services Helpdesk
  2. If you cannot log in with your SC&I Network Account, first see “About Your SC&I Network Account”. Reactivating through NetSync (http://account.comminfo.rutgers.edu) may resolve the issue
    1. If reactivating does not help, contact the SC&I IT Services Helpdesk
  3. If you do not see a screen with icons after logging in, contact the SC&I IT Services Helpdesk
  4. If nothing happens after clicking an application icon:
    1. Check to see if your browser downloaded a “launch.ica” file in your downloads folder.
    2. If so, open or run this file.
    3. If not, or again nothing happens, contact the SC&I IT Services Helpdesk
  5. If a window appears asking what you want to open a “launch.ica” file:
    1. Click on the “Settings” button at the top
    2. Then, under “General”, click on the “Change Client” button
    3. On the right, you should see text for “Native Client”, and next to that a link for “Deploy”.  Click on the link for “Deploy”.
    4. This will allow you to reinstall the client for Software Anywhere.  Please then see “Installing Software Anywhere client (Windows)“.
  6. If a progress bar appears and seems like it will never finish, contact the SC&I IT Services Helpdesk
  7. If you cannot print to your printer attached to your computer:
    1. First, make sure the printer is attached before using any Software Anywhere applications.
    2. Next, Find the system tray icon for Citrix, and double-click it.  This would be a blue icon as shown here (), located near the clock on the bottom right part of your screen.  You may have to click the arrow to find it.
    3. Then on the right of the window that appears, ensure that “USB Access” is set to “Full Access”.
    4. Close all Software Anywhere applications you have open, and then reopen it and see if you can print.
    5. If you still cannot find your printer, contact the SC&I IT Services Helpdesk
  8. If you cannot find your folders or files on your computer from a Software Anywhere application:
    1. Please see “How do I open and save files using Software Anywhere? (Windows)